What Is an Atlas Review?

An Atlas Review™ is a critical film review that has been commissioned and sponsored by the filmmaker.

Because Atlas Reviews are a form of sponsored content, every Atlas Review is labelled to ensure transparency about the content of the review. A filmmaker who commissions a review of their film sponsors the resulting review either by providing privileged access to the film, providing monetary resources required to review the film, or both.

A filmmaker who commissions a review may request that the review be kept private instead of published by A&A. However, the filmmaker has no say in the content of the review. All decisions about the content and publication of reviews are made at the sole and absolute discretion of the magazine.

As an unbiased film review written by a professional film critic at the magazine, an Atlas Review allows for the discovery and critical review of film which would otherwise remain unseen, bringing truly independent voices into the critical discussion and broadening our understanding of the cinematic frontier.

Atlas Reviews are part of our Atlas Indie™ programme for independent filmmakers. In a competitive industry and an environment where media is often more focussed on established filmmakers in Hollywood than on emerging talent in independent film, Atlas Reviews offer filmmakers the opportunity to ensure that their work receives critical attention.