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30 January ● Editorial Awards

31 January ● Jury Prizes



15 January – "Art/Life"



Courtesy; 'Flow'

Director: David Martínez Álvarez

Writers: David Martínez Álvarez and Juan Alberto García del Santo

Cast: Juan Del Santo, Berta Solanas Martínez, Emilio Gutierrez Caba, Concha Velasco, Lluis Homar, Francesc Garrido, Alejandra Lorente, Oscar Sanchez Zafra, Gonzalo Baz, Carlos Rubio Escobar

Walter Mann, an actor, is about to fulfill the dream of his life: to star in his own play. But on the eve of his début, an unexpected scandal will threaten everything, sending him on the journey of a lifetime.

Runtime: 89 minutes | Genre: Dramatic Feature | Country: Spain | Language: Spanish | Year: 2014



Courtesy; 'Hunting'

Director & Writer: Zahra Jafari

Cast: Elham Safakhah

The artist is a hunter of subjects and moments – moments where time stands still, moments of surprise. How does moment hunting unfold? How do the identities of hunter and hunted form and find meaning?

Runtime: 2 minutes | Genre: Dramatic Short | Country: Iran | Year: 2015



Director & Writer: Ario Saffarzadegan

'Little Red Riding Hood', a story whose origins trace to centuries-old European folk tales, finds new meaning in the imagination of a young boy. Though confined, his art frees him.

Runtime: 2 minutes | Genre: Animated Short | Country: Iran | Year: 2015


16 January – "Dark, Dry, Funny"



Director & Writer: Vincent Chen

Cast: Dash Kruck and Rachel Gobel

Kara goes out to dinner expecting to play pleasantries with awkward school friend Scott. She's surprised to find that Scott is a new man: confident, suave, dressed to the nines, and one step ahead of everything that happens that evening. But one small misstep will reveal Scott's unfair advantage over the night’s proceedings: He has done this all before.

Runtime: 12 minutes | Genre: Comedic Short, Sci Fi | Country: Australia | Language: English | Year: 2016



Courtesy; 'Slices'

Director & Writer: James Murray

Cast: James Murray, Clara Harte, Paschal Scott, Pauline O Driscoll, Brett McCoy D'Arcy

Charlie has just discovered sliced bread. Slices documents the aftermath. While his legacy is baked solid, he pays a price for his accolades.

Runtime: 13 minutes | Genre: Comedic Short | Country: Ireland | Language: English | Year: 2016


Beatrice Brought Dessert

Courtesy; 'Beatrice Brought Dessert'

Directors & Writers: Lauren Young and Emma Radest

Cast: Brittany Baltay, Kolton Harris, David Socolar, Eva Murray

In this dark comedy, three friends hold their annual dinner party. But it's no ordinary get-together: They compete to stealthily kill their fourth guest. Who will win this year?

Runtime: 12 minutes | Genre: Comedic Short | Country: United States | Language: English | Year: 2016


17 January – "Even Darker"


Kill the President

Courtesy; 'Kill the President'

Director: Pedro Pacheco Arlandi

Writers: Pedro Pacheco Arlandi and Daniel Cuenca

Cast: Jesús Ortíz, Kiu López, Bruno Pitoni, Carlos Poleo Gutiérrez, Pablo López, Encarna Guadalmedina, Juan Manuel Lara

Ramón, an unemployed construction worker who lost his job and his family in the financial crisis, embarks on a laborious plan to get revenge. But things go awry when he runs into a kidnapping duo and their wealthy hostage.

Runtime: 15 minutes | Genre: Comedic Short, Action | Country: Spain | Language: Spanish | Year: 2016


The Awakening of Selma

Director & Writer: Andrea Fergo

Cast: Vera Lúcia Ribeiro, Ana Júlia Ribeiro, Otávio Nogueira

Selma has been in a coma for over four years, and her family has hired Valeria to be her caregiver. One night when Valeria is caring for Selma, strange things start to happen in the house.

Runtime: 10 minutes | Genre: Dramatic Short, Horror | Country: Brazil | Language: Portuguese | Year: 2016


The Dark Tapes

Director & Writer: Michael McQuown

Cast: David Banks, Sara Castro, Cortney Palm, David Rountree, Matt Magnusson, Ryan Allen Young, Shawn Lockie, Stephen Zimpel, Jo Galloway, Clint Keepin, Jonathan Biver, Brittany Fisheli, Emilia Ares Zoryan, Share Hartline, Anna Rose Moore, Aral Gibble, Rob Lind, Wayne River Sorrell, Jon Coristol, Kari Lane, Casey James Knight, Brittany Underwood, Jake O'Conner, Katherine Shaw, David Hull, Trey Everett

In four interlocking tales, ghosts, spirits, creatures, demons, and more from the paranormal world collide with rational curiosity. Could the supernatural exist in our everyday lives and have a plausible, scientific basis?

Runtime: 95 minutes | Genre: Dramatic Feature, Horror | Country: United States | Language: English | Year: 2016


18 January – "Dance/Spoof"


Film School Musical

Directors: Maan B. and Talha B.

Writer: Dominique K. Pierce

Cast: Maan B., Danielle Stritmatter, Daniel Rosas, Anthon Meyer, Mikey McGregor, Maria Gabriela Cardenas, Shaelan Bowers, Selena O'Sullivan, Nathan Shaw, Sean Major Payne, Jenny Olkus, Jose Maria Verduzco, Vince Orlandi, Diahann Elise

Directing his own film is a dream come true for the soon to be film school graduate Tommy – until equipment failure, difficult actors, and set drama threaten to make it a nightmare.

Runtime: 19 minutes | Genre: Musical Short | Country: United States | Language: English | Year: 2016


Sweet As

Director & Writer: Danny MAlin

Cast: Jonathan Dubsky, Evalina Turpin, Spiro Malandrakis, Katie Uhlmann, Massimo Cannistraro, Christina Kelly

Inspired by Tim Burton, Sweet As tells the story of a 2-year-old and his twin sister who are aging rapidly – the effect of a witch's spell. Searching for clues about their biological mother, they use magic glasses to see into the past. Sometimes the truth is ridiculous.

Runtime: 11 minutes | Genre: Comedic Short, Fantasy | Country: Canada | Language: English | Year: 2015



Director & Writer: Brendan Edwards

Cast: Brendan Edwards

In a spoof, Seen parodies the structural and narrative elements of the popular horror collection Saw.

Runtime: 4 minutes | Genre: Dramatic Short, Spoof | Country: United States | Language: English | Year: 2016


19 January – "Heartbreak"


The Weekend

Director: Dennis Cahlo

Writers: Dennis Cahlo, Danielle Guldin, Taso Mikroulis

Cast: Danielle Guldin, Taso Mikroulis

A lonely man takes in a beautiful drifter for a weekend after discovering her dark secret.

Runtime: 20 minutes | Genre: Dramatic Short | Country: United States | Language: English | Year: 2016



Courtesy; 'Heartbox'

Director & Writer: Richard Anthony Dunford

Cast: Sarah Harkins, Jamie Langlands, Miranda Horn

In the future, as a sign of commitment to each other, humans swap their hearts in heartboxes. But not all love lasts forever. Heartbox offers a view of love through an experimental cinematic lens, featuring an interpretation of Christopher Marlowe’s poem ‘The Passionate shepherd to his love’ and Mozart’s 'Lacrimosa'.

Runtime: 8 minutes | Genre: Dramatic Short, Romance | Country: United Kingdom | Language: English | Year: 2016


A Walk Down the Aisle

Director & Writer: Daniel Ajemian

Cast: Matthew Makita, Claire Chapelli

An ambivalent man recollects memories as he heads to church to meet his fiancé.

Runtime: 5 minutes | Genre: Dramatic Short | Country: United States | Language: English | Year: 2016


20 January – "Stuck/Hope"


A Share of Share

Director & Writer: Kaveh Jahed

Cast: Asad Rezai, Zohdieh Hesami

In a tent of a refugee camp, a family is struggling to live on their ration of food. But a boy offers to share his share with a new friend.

Runtime: 1 minute | Genre: Dramatic Short | Country: Iran | Language: Kurdish | Year: 2016



Director & Writer: Juboraj Shamim

Cast: Leon

A boy commutes on foot alongside a school van, but he's not going to school. He works in a garment factory to provide for his family, but what he really wants is to join his friend in the classroom.

Runtime: 1 minute | Genre: Dramatic Short | Country: Bangladesh | Language: Bengali | Year: 2016


An Unfinished Film, for My Daughter Somayeh

Director: Morteza Payeshenas

The Mohammadi family has been trying for years to repatriate their daughter Somayeh to Canada. Her father, a former supporter of the exiled Iranian political opposition group People's Mujahedin of Iran, encouraged her to join the cause by going to a training camp in Iraq.

Somayeh left Canada at 17, never to return. Thirty years later, the family is convinced that Somayeh is a hostage and the group a cult. Told through the eyes of a father, An Unfinished Film is the story of a family trying to reunite across the world.

Runtime: 90 minutes | Genre: Documentary Feature | Country: Iran | Language: Persian


21 January – "Nature/Exploitation"


The Endless River

Director & Writer: Mohammad Mohammadian

Cast: Mohammad Mohammadian

A boy sits on the bank of a river and fantasizes about fishing. But then he wakes from his daydream.

Runtime: 3 minutes | Genre: Dramatic Short | Country: Iran | Year: 2016


Lil Bat

Courtesy; 'Lil Bat'

Director: Justin Gorski

With the deadly threat of white-nose syndrome ravaging the population of hibernating bats in North America, a lone baby bat tries to overcome his sadness. In his toy box the lil bat tries to rediscover his innocence, unaware of the danger still lurking.

Runtime: 3 minutes | Genre: Animated Short | Country: United States | Language: English | Year: 2017


Nobody Dies Here

Courtesy; 'Nobody Dies Here'

Director: Simon Panay

Perma gold mine, Benin. Some dream to find something, others realized there was nothing to be found. Some dig relentlessly hoping to become rich, others died in the process. Some say that here, nobody dies.

Runtime: 23 minutes | Genre: Documentary Short | Country: France | Language: French | Year: 2016


22 January – "(De)construction"


One Triple Coffee

Director & Writer: Zahra Jafari

Cast: Reza Nematiyan, Neda Jafari, Ebrahim Barzideh

A woman must choose between two men: one full of contradictions but deeply in love with her, the other offering kindness.

Runtime: 18 minutes | Genre: Dramatic Short | Country: Iran | Language: Persian | Year: 2016


I Don't Like It Here

Director & Writer: Javad Daraei

Cast: Arezo Dehkordi, Stode Taqoraei, Mahtab Salmani, Shima Daraei

Parham, a trans boy, seeks to find and express himself despite gendered and transphobic obstacles in his family and society.

Runtime: 20 minutes | Genre: Dramatic Short, LGBT+ | Country: Iran | Language: Persian | Year: 2016



Courtesy; 'Silence'

Director & Writer: Zahra Jafari

Cast: Somaye Pasandi, Mehdi Reyhani

She believes in love and tries to hold onto it. But it runs away.

Runtime: 3 minutes | Genre: Dramatic Short | Country: Iran | Language: Persian | Year: 2016


23 January – "Dystopia"



Courtesy; 'Eclipse'

Director & Writer: Artem Makarevich

Cast: Daria Makarova

What if there’s a language that everyone in the universe understands? This short story is about a girl who can speak that language and learns how to overcome her fear. It's also a story about something that we all can learn to do – be a little kinder to each other.

Runtime: 6 minutes | Genre: Dramatic Short, Fantasy | Country: Russia | Language: English | Year: 2016


Life in the Making

Director & Writer: Aniruddha Pande

Cast: Rick Stolz, Yelyzaveta Shynkarova, Lisa Labelle, Shasa Alexandriw, Nigel Dahl, Andre Matthew Gordon

Andrew undergoes a unique assimilation training exercise designed to inspire purpose in his existence.

Runtime: 10 minutes | Genre: Dramatic Short, Sci Fi | Country: Canada | Language: English | Year: 2016



Courtesy; 'Asphyxia'

Director & Writer: Alessandra Angeli

Cast: Alessandra Angeli, Alessandro Baccini, Moreno Petroni, Michael Segal

Emily, Michael, and Connor are forced to flee and take refuge in a mausoleum in ruins. The refugees prepare to set off to find their family members, and their memories reveal the dark future which they inhabit. A form of pollution, still unknown to most people, is multiplying its effects in the soil, in the water, in the air, and it’s starting to shake the skies. The Earth's crust reacts, too – by taking away their lifeblood: oxygen.

Runtime: 30 minutes | Genre: Dramatic Short, Dystopia | Country: Italy | Language: Italian | Year: 2016


24 January – "Bio/Doc"


Cheers for Mushrooms

Director: Xiao Xiao

For chef Dennis Wiggins, mushrooms are more than something you simply find to use in a recipe. He believes mushrooms can save the world. Dennis has been collecting wild mushrooms for over 30 years, and if you visit his house he will proudly show his collection of all things mushroom: ceramic mushrooms, carved wooden mushrooms, and dried mushrooms. His latest passion? Papa Docs tonics, an elixir he claims will support a balanced body and enhance the quality and length of life. Cheers for Mushrooms explores Dennis’s love of mushrooms and his quest to help people live better lives.

Runtime: 9 minutes | Genre: Documentary Short, Biography | Country: United States | Language: English | Year: 2015


Heroes Manufactured

Director: Yaron Betan

Heroes Manufactured reveals the world of Canadian independent comic artists breaking into the comic book industry while facing some of pop culture's biggest challenges. Mass production and an abundance of artists, writers, celebrities, and cosplayers make creating super heroes a tough job. Above all, the film explores the widespread struggles independent artists face to publish their work – and how they overcome them.

Runtime: 90 minutes | Genre: Documentary Feature | Country: Canada | Language: English | Year: 2016


Paz! Mother, Son, Blind Aunt

Director: Don Downey

What happens when a blunt construction contractor agrees to permanently care for two elderly, sick women in his living room? Just about everything. Paz! Mother, Son, Blind Aunt explores the existence of God, the timing of death, the fragile nature of life, and the struggle to keep it going in one small suburban home in New Orleans. Touching, odd, chaotic, and funny, Paz! is above all a story about the enduring American family.

Runtime: 58 minutes | Genre: Documentary Feature | Country: United States | Language: English | Year: 2016


25 January – "Experiments"


Cap'n Flapjack: The Curse of the Sticky Anchor

Director & Writer: Josh Steinbauer

Cast: Holt McCallany, CJ Wilson

A lonely pirate with a pancake delivery service has several stops to make.

Runtime: 18 minutes | Genre: Dramatic Short | Country: United States | Language: English | Year: 2015


I, a Child of God

Director & Writer: Nicholas Swanton

Cast: Nicholas Swanton

An experimental portrait of anxieties, fears, and masks.

Runtime: 2 minutes | Genre: Experimental Short | Country: United States | Year: 2016


It Was Not Me, It Was All of Us

Director: Aukaleb Ankaro

It Was Not Me, It Was All of Us presents the indifference of a panopticon surveying a symmetrical space. Within cement cubicles, identical human movements seem to be mechanical: a huge assembly of parts moving in rhythm. Their assigned gender roles establish rules, punishments, and gendered violence.

Runtime: 1 minute | Genre: Dramatic Short | Country: Argentina | Year: 2016


26 January – "Tech"



Courtesy; 'Skyward'

Director & Writer: Tucker MacDonald

Cast: Lucas Hicks, Joe Coffey, Christian Archer

A U.S. Air Force drone operator confronts an inner battle, questioning whom he is actually killing.

Runtime: 7 minutes | Genre: Dramatic Short | Country: United States | Language: English | Year: 2016



Director & Writer: Phoebe Cavise

Cast: Amanda Rose, Tyler Beardsley, Ilana Hamer, Renee Brody, Becca MacLean, Corinne Thomas

Ibby befriends a teacher at her school. As their relationship develops online, her teacher divulges more information about himself, and she starts to lose faith in the friendship in which she's invested her whole senior year. Affection is a portrait of relationships in the internet age.

Runtime: 52 minutes | Genre: Dramatic Feature | Country: United States | Language: English | Year: 2016


Full Color

Director & Writer: Ario Saffarzadegan

Technology connects us to all kinds of phenomena, but does it enhance or impair our relationship with nature?

Runtime: 1 minute | Genre: Animated Short | Country: Iran | Year: 2016


27 January – "Growing Up"


Kill Your Dinner

Director & Writer: Bryn Chainey

Things have been tough between Rhys and his dad since the divorce. But after meeting a new woman and discovering his 'spiritual' side, his dad comes up with a brilliant plan to reconnect: kill and eat a cow together. It’s going to be a really meaningful experience.

Unfortunately, the only thing that comes naturally to this family is disaster, and when the cow runs away they must go on a hunt to find it. Tensions reach a breaking point as they’re faced with the reality of what they must do if they hope to salvage their relationship.

Runtime: 12 minutes | Genre: Dramatic Short, Coming of Age | Country: Australia | Language: English | Year: 2016



Courtesy; 'Agrinoui'

Director & Writer: Alexis Chaviaras

Cast: Christina Pavlidou, Marinos Hadjivasiliou, Filippos Sofianos, Christos Grigoriadis, Sofoklis Kaskaounias, Zoe Kyprianou, Thanasis Drakopoulos, Giorgos Roussos

A young mare visits Cyprus to take part in races. Frustrated by failure and her strict father, she abandons the racetrack and runs away. But along the way she makes new friends who try to help her find her lost courage.

Runtime: 20 minutes | Genre: Animated Short, Coming of Age | Country: Cyprus | Language: Greek | Year: 2015


Split Costs

Director & Writer: Jeffrey Blake Palmer

Cast: Mela Hudson, Tori Hall, Jane Harte

Two young women from disparate backgrounds share a ride to western Massachusetts in this story of unexpected friends navigating life's bumpy roads and moving forward with hope.

Runtime: 24 minutes | Genre: Dramatic Short, Coming of Age | Country: United States | Language: English | Year: 2016


28 January – "Urban/Disconnection"


The Commotion of Silence

Director & Writer: Nancy Molina Díaz de León

A symphony of Mexico City, The Commotion of Silence explores the people and noises flooding this majestic city.

Runtime: 17 minutes | Genre: Documentary Short | Country: Mexico | Language: Spanish | Year: 2016


Junk Girl

Directors: Mohammad Zare and Shalale Kheiri

Writer: Shalale Kheiri

There once was a girl
who was made up of junk.
She looked really dirty,
and she smelled like a skunk.

Runtime: 15 minutes | Genre: Animated Short | Country: Iran | Language: English | Year: 2015



Courtesy; 'Bubble'

Director & Writer: Zahra Jafari

Cast: Sara Hessari

A little girl locked in her family's apartment tries to escape her boredom.

Runtime: 3 minutes | Genre: Dramatic Short | Country: Iran | Language: Persian | Year: 2016


29 January – "Unintended Consequences"



Courtesy; 'Scrawls'

Directors: Pedro Pacheco Arlandi and Rocío Moreno

Writer: María Dopico

Cast: Raquel Casanova, Marcos Rodríguez Paz, Antonio Dopico Montiel

Ana, a woman who loves her family above all, has at last decided to resolve her marital problems. After achieving a situation of apparent normality, she tries to convince her son that all is well.

Runtime: 10 minutes | Genre: Dramatic Short | Country: Spain | Language: Spanish | Year: 2016



Director & Writer: Davide Merello

A man in a spacious country house finds himself in strange situations in this animated meditation on the passage of time.

Runtime: 4 minutes | Genre: Animated Short | Country: Italy | Year: 2016



Director & Writer: Ario Saffarzadegan

In pursuit of liberty, a revolution goes awry.

Runtime: 1 minute | Genre: Animated Short | Country: Iran | Year: 2016


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