Atlas & Aeris is an online editorial magazine dedicated to independent film. We provide news and analysis from the world of film to a global audience, connecting indie film lovers and filmmakers around the world, and our film reviews compose a forum for reportage and in-depth analysis where readers can discover the latest in independent film. Atlas & Aeris is headquartered in Boston and features a board of honorary editors and an independent jury of award-winning filmmakers based internationally. For more information about the board and the jury, see our masthead.

The magazine also hosts the Atlas Awards International Film Festival. The private, two-week, online festival showcases excellent independent films to a global audience and culminates in the presentation of the Atlas Awards. Atlas & Aeris and a jury of award-winning filmmakers select the festival's Atlas Award winners. The festival celebrates films from around the world by established and emerging filmmakers on a unique online platform for indie film lovers and filmmakers alike to discover and to be discovered.

Atlas & Aeris also offers professional services to independent filmmakers. Our Atlas Indie™ programme offers options for filmmakers to get their work professionally reviewed by a film critic at the magazine as well as options for marketing and selling their films in partnership with Atlas & Aeris.

The Name

The magazine’s name originates from two Latin words: aes, aeris, which means both ‘copper’ and ‘bronze’; and Ātlās, the mythological bearer of the heavens and, in modern usage, a book that comprehensively maps the earth. ‘Aeris’ in the publication’s name celebrates the birth of modern photography, recalling the earliest methodologies of the art form, which depended originally on copper to produce the first photographic images. Early techniques such as daguerreotypy and photogravure utilised a copper plate as the base upon which the photographic image rested -- much like the relationship between Atlas and the heavens. Together, ‘Atlas’ and ‘Aeris’ represent the magazine’s commitment to internationalism and art. Our film festival and awards also bear the name of Atlas, as do two of the festival’s top prizes: Atlas Aeris (‘Atlas of Bronze’ -- the bronze statue of Atlas presented to the year’s best film) and Atlas Vitri (‘Atlas of Glass’ -- the glass book presented to the year’s best foreign language film).